7 Cities Hydrogen Challenge

Between the 13th and the 23rd of September over 500 S2 pupils from the 5 Perth City secondary schools participated Perth leg of the 7 Cities Hydrogen Challenge. The Hydrogen Challenge is a 1.5 school workshop that puts Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology into the hands of young people. The workshop consisted of an introduction covering hydrogen fuel cells, electrolysis, renewable energies vs fossil fuels, fuel cell applications and locally relevant projects followed by hands-on activity which involves iteration based scientific enquiry, designing for efficiency, mechanical engineering and gears & ratios. The activity challenges participants to build a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle from a kit of LEGO components, LEGO motor and custom-made miniature hydrogen fuel cell power supply.

At the end of each session the pupils were able to race off their various designs with the aim being to achieve the furthest distance covered with a set amount of hydrogen fuel. On Friday the 24th the winning designs from each school were brought together and again raced off with each school being given three runs to see which team could cover the most distance. In the end Perth Academy were declared the winners with a massive drive of 59.8 meters. Perth High School came in second with 56.2 meters and St John’s Academy were third with 40.6 meters. These three schools will go through to the National Final in Glasgow which will be held at the end of October. Huge thanks to the Arcola Energy team who delivered the workshops and to the sponsors of the 7 Cities Hydrogen Challenge ITM Power and Scottish Power.

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