work placements

Offering a work placement to a young person can bring fantastic benefits to your business and help support our local communities and economy.  Our #LearnALiving campaign aims to boost the number of work placements available to young people across Perth and Kinross.

Get involved

To find out more about Developing the Young Workforce Perth and Kinross, ask us a question or discuss how you can get involved please get in touch.


Why are local employers getting involved?

Whether you can devote an hour, one day, a week or more, there are lots of ways businesses and employees can get involved:

To give young people a helping hand; breaking the cycle of ‘no experience, no job’.

Learning about team work, working with customers and the responsibilities of being an employee; these skills enhance their employability for the future.

Recruitment; work experience placements are a fantastic way for employers to gain exposure to a pipeline of skilled potential new employees.

Raising your business’ profile in the local community and enhancing your reputation to potentially new customers.



There are 10 secondary schools in Perth & Kinross that are involved in Work Experience.

Work experience placements can happen in two ways; each school has an allocated work experience week when pupils in 4th, 5th or 6th year are given the chance to go on a placement. These placements can either be found by the pupil themselves with an employer they know or they can apply for a placement through our online platform for schools.

This is where employers’ placement opportunities are displayed. Alternatively some schools allow pupils to undertake a more extended work experience where they can work with the employer for a day/half day per week over the course of an academic year.



Our Employer Engagement Advisors, Donna and John, will help you complete all the necessary paperwork and support you from the beginning of your placement through to its successful completion!